General Practitioners' Course

General Practitioners' Course


Dr. Jessica Meekins - Corneal Ulcers in Dogs: Determining the Cause; Complicated Corneal Ulcers: Why isn't the Ulcer Healing as Expected?!

Dr. Dan Biros - Inside Out: How Uveitis Happens in Real Time from Insult to Treatment; Immunology Perspective, Case Reports and Interaction

Dr. Kelly Caruso - Fun with the Fundus; Glaucoma - Diagnosis and Treatment in the 21st Century

Dr. Cameron Whittaker - Vision and Visual Perception in Animals; Vision Loss and Associated Behavioral Changes in Animals

General Practitioners' Course

General Practitioners' Course


Dr. Kristina Vygantas - Palliative Surgery; Adnexal Surgery

Dr. Michele Stengard - Canine Corneal Disease; Feline Corneal Disease

Dr. Kerry Ketring - Top 10 Ophthalmic Mistakes; What Do Animals Really See

Dr. Thomas Chen - Blood in the Eye; Gorilla in the eye

General Practitioners' Course

General Practitioners' Course


Dr. Kathleen Barrie - Eyelid Surgical Procedures for Private Practitioners

Dr. Noelle McNabb - Small Nicks to Train Wrecks - Urgent Care of Ophthalmic Emergencies

Dr. Kenneth Abrams - Ten Mistakes to Avoid Managing your Eye Cases and Cataract Confusion Clarified

Dr. Kate Myrna - Feline Ophthalmology and Glaucoma in Private Practice

Dr. Timothy Cutler - Guided Tour of the Retina in Photos and The Red Eye - Where to Begin

General Practitioners' Course

General Practitioners' Course


Dr. John Warren - Thorough ocular exams; a sight for sore eye. Ocular examination in primary practice. A-whey with itchy, watery eyes! Canine ocular allergies.

Dr. Robert Munger - Outlaw Ulcers: Funfight at the Corneal Corral

Dr. Michael Paulsen - Common Misdiagnoses and Therapeutic Miscalculations in Veterinary Ophthalmology and how to avoid them - Practice Tips for the Busy Practitioner

Dr. Stephanie Beaumont - Be a Master... and Avoid Disaster! Ocular Adnexal Surgery: Common Mistakes to Avoid. Let me Lens you Some Advice: Diagnosing and Treating Diseases of the Lens

Dr. Caroline Betbeze - Beyond the Eyeball: Diseases of the Orbit. Enucleation: It ain't as easy as it seems

General Practitioners' Course

General Practitioners' Course


Dr. Eric Ledbetter - Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Infectious Diseases in Dogs and Cats

Dr. Heidi Denis - Canine Ulcerative Keratitis

Dr. David Wilkie - Eyelids and Third Eyelid Surgery - Keep it Simple. The Cloudy Eye - Glaucoma and Cataract

Dr. Dineli Bras - Ocular Trauma; When to Treat, When to Refer, and When to Enucleate

Dr. Sara Thomasy - Ophthalmic Drugs - What to stock, script or shun. An Update on Antiviral Treatment of Feline Herpesvirus

Dr. Steve Hollinsworth - Practical Neuro-ophthalmology-What Pupils Can Teach Us

General Practitioners' Course

General Practitioners' Course


Dr. Michelle Taylor - Ocular Inflammation and its Treatment

Dr. Paul Scherlie - Corneal Ulceration 1

Dr. Nathan Kice - Corneal Ulceration 2, Diseases and Surgery of the Lens

Dr. Victoria Jones - Glaucoma Concepts

Dr. Dara Zirofsky - Glaucoma Concepts

Dr. Sarah Maxwell - Ocular Pharmacology - New Drugs and Pricing

Dr. Gia Klauss - Keratoconjunctivitis sicca

Dr. Nick Millichamp - Ocular Photography in General Practice

General Practitioners' Course

General Practitioners' Course


Dr. Anne Cook - Ocular Examination and Diagnostics; Clinical Approach to the Red Eye

Dr. Anne Weigt - Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Dr. Caryn Plummer - Glaucoma Recognition and Therapy

Dr. Tammy Miller-Michau - What is an Ocular Emergency?; Evaluation of Acute Blindness

Dr. Dan Brogdon - Ulcerative Keratitis part 1 & 2