Satellite Meetings & Breakouts

Several committees or related organizations will hold meetings during the ACVO conference in Maui. Our goal is to provide a description of the focus of each meeting or supplemental educational session over the summer. Currently these will include the following:

  • ACVO Teaching and Learning Meeting

  • Pharmaceutical Safety Studies Committee

  • Vitreous Society meeting

These courses and/or meetings will all be provided at no additional cost. Additionally, sessions focusing on sub-topics such as equine or exotics may also be available. Schedules will be available late summer and will provide complete information.

To request a Satellite Meeting or Breakout, please contact the office.

ACVO Teaching and Learning Meeting

NEW Day/Time | Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Organizer: Dr. Margie Gilmour

The ACVO Teaching and Learning meeting hosts topics that specifically focus on veterinary ophthalmology education. It provides a venue for ophthalmologists to share teaching and learning strategies, and to hear education presentations from outside speakers with an expertise in general and clinical education.

When considering travel arrangements, please note the Teaching and Learning Meeting is taking place a day earlier than in year’s past.

Vitreous Society Meeting

Friday, November 8th, 2019  |  8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Leandro Teixera

Organizer: Dr. Joe Wolfer

The Vitreous Society is pleased to announce that we will be holding a meeting and lecture session in conjunction with the ACVO general meeting again this year in Maui, HI.  This session will be held concurrently, but please note that both will be digitally recorded to view post-conference.

The Vitreous Society is pleased to announce the “Samuel J. Vainisi award” again at this year's meeting for the best presentation. The winner    will be presented with the award by Dr. Vainisi himself, so stick around until the end of lectures!

Submissions were already made via the ACVO Call for Papers process and are closed. Questions about submissions or the course should be made directly to Dr. Wolfer at

Tentative presentation schedule
(as of 6.26.19)

8:00AM Dr. Joe Wolfer - Opening remarks and updates

8:15AM Dr. Angelica Safatle - “OCT of the Posterior Segment; an Important Examination for Retinopathies”

8:30AM Dr. Cameron Whittaker - “Is Vitreoretinal Surgery for you?”

8:45AM Dr. Wakaiki - “OCT Assessment Before and After Vitreoretinal Surgery in a Dog”

9:00AM Dr. Azoulay - “Contribution of 19g and 23g Videoendoscopy to Vitreoretinal Surgery”

9:15AM Dr. Samuel Vainisi - “Update on Prophylactic Laser Retinopexy in Humans”

9:30AM Dr. Joseph Wolfer - “Resorbable Hydrogel as a Vitreous Substitute After Retinal Reattachment Surgery”

9:45AM Dr. Allison Hoffman - “Update on Prophylactic Retinopexy in Dogs”

10:00AM Dr. Eric Storey - “Why our Patients Retinas Detach; Images from a Vitreoretinal Surgeon”


10:30AM KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Dr. Leandro Teixera - “Vitreoretinal Pathology in Dogs”

11:30AM Dr. Joseph Wolfer - Awards and closing remarks