Residents' Workshop

Friday, September 28th, 2018 | 1:30pm-4:30pm

This lecture series will educate ACVO residents on the current status and recent advancements in diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in horses.  Noted experts in the field will review advanced diagnostic techniques, recognition and treatment of infectious and non-infectious (immune-mediated) diseases of the equine eye, and advances in ophthalmic surgical techniques of horses. 

The Residents’ Workshop is open to all attendees at the conference. ACVO Members are encouraged to attend the ACVO Annual Meeting of the Voting Members which occurs at the same time. This session will be recorded for all members to view post-conference for free if they wish.

30-35 minute lectures with 10 min short question and answer session following each

Moderator:  Dr. Brian Gilger


1:30 PM - Dr. Eric Ledbetter, Cornell

“Advanced diagnostic techniques of the equine eye”

bio pic M Lassaline.jpg

2:15 PM - Dr. Mary Lassaline, UC Davis

“Infectious disease and the equine eye”

This lecture will review infectious diseases of the horse that commonly affect the eye and the rest of the body.  For each infectious disease, clinical signs, diagnostic tests, therapeutic options, prognosis, and pathophysiology will be reviewed.  Bacterial, viral, mycotic, and parasitic diseases will be included.


3:00 PM - Dr. Brian Gilger, NC State

“Immune-mediated disease and the equine eye”

We will review common diseases of the horse eye that are presumed to be of immune-mediated or auto-immune cause.  The diagnosis and treatment of immune mediated keratitis, heterochromia iridokeratitis (HIK), and recurrent uveitis will be discussed.  


3:45 PM -  Dr. Richard McMullen, Auburn

“Advanced surgical procedures of the equine eye”

Past Resident Workshop Speakers & Topics

Presentations have been recorded since 2011 and are available to members through the online video portal.