Products Represented by Past Attendee Vendors

The exhibit show features 50-60 vendors from every section of the veterinary ophthalmology industry. Products represented in the past include the following:

Bandage Lenses, Books / Periodicals / Education Aid, Cameras, Capsular Tension Rings, Cryosurgery Instruments, Custom Diamond and Instrument Design, Delivery Pumps, Electronic Ocular Medication, Glaucoma Control Implants, Head-Mounted Operating Microscopes / Procedure Headlights, Healthcare Finance / Start-ups, Buy-outs, Refinances, Construction Financing, Hospital Equipment, Instrument Cleaning / Care Systems, Intraocular Lenses (IOLs), Laser / Endoscopy Products, Management / Computer Services, Microscope, New / Reconditioned Needles and Syringes, Neutraceuticals, Nutritionals, Ophthalmic Equipment Repair Services, Ophthalmoscopes, Patient Payment Plans, Phacoemulsification Systems, Pharmaceuticals, Polymer Based Biodegradable Devices, Pre-owned Ophthalmic Equipment, Refractive Instruments Research Programs / Training Program Sponsorship, Silicone Implants (Intraocular prostheses), Slit Lamps, Soft and Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses and Lens Care Products, Surgical Instruments, Surgical Skills Training Simulator, Sutures, Tear Test Strips, Therapeutic Soft Contact Lenses, Tonometers, Ultrasound Equipment, Viewing Lenses / Transilluminators, Viscoelastics, Viscous Ophthalmic Lubricants, Vitreoretinal Surgery Supplies (Perfluorcarbon / Silicone Oil)