The new 'In-Depth' speaker series will provide attendees with 1 to 3, 50 minute thought provoking presentation(s) on a particular topic, followed by grouped abstracts of similar topics.  These presentations will provide more 'masters-level' content to engage all attendees. For this first year, one 'In-Depth' speaker has been scheduled. Thank you to ACVO Diplomate and Member, Dr. Simon Pot, for agreeing to present 'corneal cross-linking' to lead our cornea-related abstracts.


'In-Depth' Speaker

Dr. Simon Pot, DACVO, DECVO

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

'Corneal Cross Linking'

Stabilization of the corneal stroma and elimination of corneal infections through UV-A/Riboflavin crosslinking of the cornea (CXL) is a promising novel treatment for infectious corneal disease. In this ‘in-depth’ lecture basic concepts, practical applications, as well as currently available experimental and clinical literature on corneal crosslinking will be presented. Finally, potential reasons for clinically observed variations in treatment response, treatment limitations and open questions regarding CXL treatment efficacy, indications and protocols will be discussed.


Originally from the Netherlands, I graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Utrecht in July 2000. Since then I have worked as a veterinary surgeon in general practice for five years and as an eye specialist for eleven years. Four of these eleven years were spent on specialty training in comparative ophthalmology combined with a research fellowship on the effects of biomimetic nanostructured surfaces on cell behavior in the Murphy-Nealey laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Schools of Veterinary Medicine and Engineering in the USA. I currently work as an associate professor of veterinary ophthalmology at the University of Zürich and as a PhD student in the Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology at the ETH Zürich.