Exhibitor Overview


April 1st, 2019
Exhibitor registration opened to 2018 exhibitors

April 15th, 2019
Exhibitor registration opened to all exhibitors

Dates of Exhibition

November 6th-9th, 2019

Exhibitor Prospectus

Exhibit Floor Plan

Booth Inclusions & Cost

ACVO's booths are considered 'table top'. Each booth space is smaller than a typically 10x10 space, to accommodate more vendors in smaller facilities. An exhibit booth is no wider than 8' and no deeper than 6' (encroachment is NOT allowed and those in violation will be asked to dismantle their displays)

Each booth includes:

  • Attendance for two exhibitors

  • 6' table, two chairs and a small trash can

  • Carpet, black table drape

  • Pipe and drape

  • One printed conference proceedings book

  • Daily vacuuming of booth can be ordered

Tables, pipe and drape, carpet and additional chairs do not need to be purchased. Vacuuming of the common areas in the hall is provided by the hotel at no additional fee to the vendor, vacuuming of the booth can be ordered by our provider. *Pipe and drape is to be provided through a third party vendor and may vary some years.

  • Standard 8'x6' booth: $1,150

  • Prime 8'x6' booth: $1,250 (located in high traffic and high visible area)

Additional fees may include: power, internet capability, shipping/receiving (hotel box handling fee), additional exhibitor badges, and/or labor costs through drayage vendor.


Please note that exhibit booths typically sell out by early May annually. Be sure to register early!


Even during these financially trying times, the ACVO conference has continued to maintain and even increase attendance numbers. Over the last several years the meeting has increased to average 750-850 registered attendees. With an additional 140 technicians (AVOTS), 100 vendors and 50 registered guests, the conference typically hosts 850-900 people.


When registering, please take a look at our sponsorship opportunities. All levels are available, most levels receive generous recognition both pre-conference and onsite. Review our sponsorship policy as of 2016, which gives priority placement to current sponsors and exhibitors.

Exhibitor Schedule

This schedule is tentative and is subject to change.


Exhibitor Check-in
Exhibitor Registration, move in and booth set-up
Exhibit Hall open/Welcome Reception


Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
Exhibits open
Break in Exhibit Hall
Attendee lunch break
Break in Exhibit Hall


Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
Exhibits open
Break in Exhibit Hall
Attendee lunch break


Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
Exhibits open
Break with Exhibitors
Attendee lunch break
Break in Exhibit Hall
Exhibits break down

"Thank you for your continued support of the ACVO and the veterinary ophthalmology profession. Our goal with this event is to foster the symbiotic relationship between our corporate supporters and our veterinarians and consider your feedback annually to improve the program."