Confirmed Exhibitors & Sponsors

Exhibitors currently confirmed and registered for the 2018 conference. If your company is not on this list we are not holding a booth for you (list current as of 8.14.18). The exhibit floor is sold out.

More information if you would like to become a sponsor


Addition Technology Inc. (Silver Sponsor)

Animal Emergency & Referral Center of MN

an-vision, Inc. (Silver Sponsor)

Aventix Animal Health (Silver Sponsor)

Bausch & Lomb (Platinum Sponsor)

CARA Life Inc.

Daka Medical

Dan Scott & Associates, Inc. (Silver Sponsor)

Designs for Vision, Inc.

Diamondback Drugs (Silver Sponsor)

Doctor Multimedia

Eagle Labs

The Electrode Store

Elsevier, Inc.

Enova Illumination

Epsilon USA

Equi Bio Solutions

Eye Care for Animals

HSB Veterinary Supply

I-MED Animal Health (Gold Sponsor)

InVision Medical (General Sponsor)


Jorgensen Laboratories

Keeler Instruments

LKC Technologies, Inc. (Bronze Sponsor)

Meds for Vets Pharmacy (Silver Sponsor)

MedVet Medical & Cancer Center for Pets

MicroOptx, Inc. (Silver Sponsor)

Mid Labs, Inc.

MSI Speciality Precision Instruments (Silver Sponsor)

Muffin's Halo for Blind Dogs

Ocu-GLO by Animal Necessity (Bronze Sponsor)

Ocularvision, Inc. (Bronze Sponsor)


OptiGen, a division of Wisdom Health

Pack Leader DVM (General Sponsor)

Pala-Tech Laboratories, Inc.

Peschke Trade

Prairie Diagnostic Services

Prescott's Inc.

Quantel Medical

RetinoGraphics, Inc.

Rose Micro Solutions

Sonomed Escalon

Sontec Instruments, Inc. (General Sponsor)

Spot-on Specialties (Silver Sponsor)

Stokes Pharmacy (Bronze Sponsor)


Taylors Pharmacy (Bronze Sponsor)

Vet-Ray Technology by Sedecal

Vetrix (Bronze Sponsor)


Volk Optical, Inc.

Wedgewood Pharmacy (Silver Sponsor)

Welch Allyn, Inc.

Xeno Surgical