Career Fair

NEW this year ACVO will host a “Career Fair”. The fair will provide a connection point for those seeking a residency, internship or DVM position with those who are seeking to fill such positions.

This session will replace the past “Prospective Residents & Mentors Meeting”, typically held Thursday evening. Formal presentations will no longer be provided but will instead be replaced by casual discussions between program representatives (table hosts) and interested parties. Bring your business cards and be ready to mingle! We will prepare to gather feedback post-event for future consideration.

Session Description

All categories of ACVO attendees are welcome to attend this open session on a complimentary basis. The event will occur late Thursday afternoon, on a flow basis; attendee registration is not required and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided complimentary. There attendees will find ‘table-hosts’ who will be prepared to explain their offerings, be it a residency or internship program or a career opportunity for DVMs or Diplomates. Each program will be asked to bring a hand out, one 8x10 printed promotional piece, which can also be placed on a separate general information table in the room (for those who would rather quickly drop by to review materials). Each host table will be identified as either a residency, internship or employment opportunity in a visual manner with a color coded balloon. Signage will be provided to explain the color coding for quick reference. Additional cocktail seating will be scattered around the room to accommodate longer conversations as need.

Tentative Schedule

Any table set ups for those promoting a program (or just walk up at 4:30pm)

Tables set and manned, flow of attendees, complimentary non-alcoholic beverages

Close down/clear

Interested in hosting a table?

Universities or clinics with employed ACVO members, may choose to promote their residency program, internship or job opportunity at this fair. Pre-registration is required. Participation in this event as a table-host is a member benefit; all attendees are welcome to attend. Any program not interested in participating may provide printed 8x10 handouts to the ACVO which will be placed on an information table in the room for no fee.

Limited to one table per entity. One entity may promote multiple opportunities at their table. Please note space may be limited and residency programs will receive priority placement.

What is included with the table fee?

  1. Pre-meeting promotion. Program/Clinic listed by name on the conference website. One photo, a blog post up to 60 words and a link to an ad hosted on the facility website will be allowed.
  2. One draped, ‘high boy’ cocktail table to lay materials on and to man like a booth. No chairs will be provided to promote casual flow atmosphere.
  3. Inclusion on the signage at the door, color coded to easily promote to attendees what you are promoting.
  4. A color-coded balloon will float high above your table to serve as a visual identifier, advertising your participation either as a hosting a residency, internship or job opportunity (or more than one).
  5. An identification tent card at the table identifying the program name, and contact person.
  6. Access to a separate information table where programs may place a 8x10 promotional piece inside the room.
  7. Opportunity to participate as a sponsor, providing possible door prizes organized by the ACVO.
  8. Inclusion in the ACVO proceedings book as a participant and/or sponsor to the program, with an invitation to attendees.

Registration form will be available May 1st. In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with the requirements and guidelines.