The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua


The ACVO has secured the same number of rooms held for 2018, estimating that we would lose a 5-10% for the Hawaii location and still have a little cushion. It seems that we have unexpectedly filled the block already, and the hotel has added in 10% more rooms than we had contracted. They are not able to add more as the hotel is near sold out.

The Kapalua area is filled with condominium properties that are ‘nearby’, but no standard hotels for overflow. If you would like to secure a standard hotel, the recommendation would be to book in the Kaanapali Beach area or to secure a condo in Kapalua.


We will ask our attendees to revisit their reservations in July/August to see if any rooms can be dropped and thus become available to members again at the group rate. Releasing them early is without penalty, but must be released before the cut off in early October or they cannot be re-sold. We will issue a call to release which would drop any available rooms back into the block for purchase at block rate. Please make your reservations as needed, but if you wish to check back in August you could cancel the standing reservation elsewhere (depending on penalty), and secure a room at the Ritz.


Kaanapali beach is about an 8-10 minute drive from the property and is surrounded by hotels, shopping and a long beach. Attendees staying in this area could commute by car or Uber (approx $10 ea way). There are dozens of hotels here, but ACVO will not be contracting a block at another hotel.

This is a helpful website that can connect you to ‘Maui Accommodations’, hotels all over the island. You will need to stay in W. Maui (not South!).


The Lahaina is also a lovely area, but know it may take 25 minutes to drive to the hotel each day. Uber/Lyft from Lahaina is approx $20 each way.


The condominium properties in the Kapalua area are managed by several different agencies, but some that we’ve spoken with include The Kapalua Villas, available to secure through Pull up this site and select ‘The Kapalua Villas’ for rates and availability.  There is a shuttle in the area to get you to the Ritz, but it isn’t extremely punctual. It would still be advised to have a car and park at the hotel, or ask the booking agent if it is walkable to the Ritz, as some properties are. (Please know that the Ritz parking fee is $30/day and is valet only with unlimited in-out privileges.)

You may also want to check into VRBOs in the area, this seems to be a direct link.

This is a link to ‘Maui Accommodations’ in Kapalua, which provides access to many local condos.